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Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing

The Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing is an education, training and research organisation providing evidence- based information and programs for health professionals and the public about bone, joint and arthritis related issues.

The education and training programs are conducted by a team of health professionals with expertise and experience in the area of arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. The team is directed by Dr Daniel Lewis, Rheumatologist, and includes therapists and educators from the disciplines of Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Psychology, Nutrition Science, Yoga, Massage, Pilates, Naturopathy, Mind Body Medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. Practitioners from other disciplines are involved for specific programs.


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  • More Than Meditation: a 6 week course
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  • Strength and Balance for Life with Osteoporosis

We aim to inspire participants to live full and meaningful lives and empower them to actively participate in their own pathways to wellbeing.

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  • My Health Organiser
  • DVD Living Well With Fibromyalgia: Finding your balance

Recent Research Studies

  • Nutrition in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Topical glucosamine for osteoarthritis
  • Stress and fibromyalgia
  • Magnesium bicarbonate water for arthritis
  • Nalgesic for osteoarthritis
  • Transcranial stimulation for fibromyalgia
  • S- Adenosyl methionine for fibromyalgia
  • Escetalopram for fibromyalgia

Pathways to Wellbeing; A program for living well.

To gain access to living well requires an understanding that lifestyle, health and wellbeing are intimately connected.

Our state of health is influenced significantly by our present and past lifestyle choices. We make these choices moment by moment, consciously or unconsciously.

To enhance health it is necessary to be able to make health-enhancing lifestyle choices ongoingly as part of daily living.

The essential aspects of this is mindfullness, the awareness of every part of us and our connection to everything around us and self discipline.

Pathways To Wellbeing is a road map for living consciously and maintaining health.

Being aware of and incorporating the 12 Pathways to Wellbeing components into your life provides access to living well.

The 12 pathways are not necessarily distinct. Where they merge, their effectiveness is enhanced.

Human knowledge and understanding is rarely original or unique. Each understanding is based on the collective wisdom that has come before.

The Pathways to Wellbeing framework was inspired by our working with many inspiring teachers, individuals and colleagues over many years.

For more details about the Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing and to access our programs,services and publications visit www.pathways2wellbeing.com.au.

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Fibromyalgia Update


It is impossible to ignore the fact that the clinical management of FM symptoms is extremely complex.

Integrated Health Care

ImageLiving Well

To gain access to living well requires an understanding that lifestyle, health and wellbeing are connected.

Pathways to Wellbeing

ImageMind-Body Awareness

The state or condition of experiencing wellness, having quality of life (with or without illness or injury)..