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Integrated Health Care

Our Approach

Our approach recognises that life is a journey and that illness is an obstacle on the path. Illness is viewed as an indicator of an imbalance in the systems of the body which usually develops over time.

The starting point in dealing with the obstacle of illness is to provide you with a comprehensive, broad-based, evaluation of your current situation and diagnosis. From this starting point we develop together a balanced approach to the treatment and management of all the relevant health issues.

We recommend treatment options after a detailed process that focuses on your entire person. This includes consideration of:

  • Your medical history, dietary, physical and lifestyle habits
  • Your illness profile
  • Your emotional wellbeing
  • The results of appropriate investigative testing

Our shared goal is to assist you in rebalancing the systems of your body.

We maintain a commitment to be abreast of the world research literature in order to provide you with the leading edge therapeutic choices.

We invite you to become actively engaged in your own recovery

Fibromyalgia Update


It is impossible to ignore the fact that the clinical management of FM symptoms is extremely complex.

Integrated Health Care

ImageLiving Well

To gain access to living well requires an understanding that lifestyle, health and wellbeing are connected.

Pathways to Wellbeing

ImageMind-Body Awareness

The state or condition of experiencing wellness, having quality of life (with or without illness or injury)..