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Fibromyalgia Update


It is impossible to ignore the fact that the clinical management of fibromyalgia is complex.

For every symptom, there is a multitude of influencing factors and your healthcare adviser is reliant on you to provide accurate and ongoing report of symptoms.

To get the best care, individuals with fibromyalgia need to be very active in their own health maintenance.

I consider it important for each individual to keep their own records and to make them available to a healthcare practitioner at the time of every consultation. This is why we designed the My Health Organiser.

An essential aspect of treatment requires knowledge of the factors that either aggravate or relieve symptoms.  Only the person with FM can evaluate and report this.

Those individuals that manage their fibromyalgia well are those that have a plan. They are able to prioritise and treat the worst symptoms. They are able to find that challenging but important balance between pacing and de-conditioning.

No two individuals with fibromyalgia patients are the same. Everyone has their own unique set of symptoms and responds in their own unique way to treatment.    Therefore to achieve optimal health each individual needs to understand the management options available and how to use them to their own best advantage.

In general the management options fall into 3 main areas which often overlap.

  • Lifestyle choices and practices 
  • Pharmocological/ neutraceutical approaches
  • Psychological approaches

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For a detailed understanding of what is meant by lifestyle choices read about our 12 Pathways to Wellbeing program.

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Fibromyalgia Update


It is impossible to ignore the fact that the clinical management of FM symptoms is extremely complex.

Integrated Health Care

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To gain access to living well requires an understanding that lifestyle, health and wellbeing are connected.

Pathways to Wellbeing

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The state or condition of experiencing wellness, having quality of life (with or without illness or injury)..