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Telephone and Email Consultations

New Patients
Dr Lewis is available for telephone consultations. The service is especially but not exclusively for individuals who live outside Melbourne and are unable to attend our Centre.
To make the process appropriate and as useful as possible,  he will need to review your history of illness prior to the telephone consultation .

Please send via email  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      

  1. A recent photo so as to know the person with whom he is speaking
  2. Personal details eg age, family and work history
  3. A timeline of the history of the illness.
  4. Your opinion as to why the illness developed and your life circumstances that were occurring at the time of onset.
  5. A complete list of all treatments that have been tried and the result of these treatments.
  6. A list of current therapists and details of the current treatment plans
  7. A list of all symptoms in order of severity.
  8. A completed pain questionnaire.
  9. A brief biography, family and social history
  10. A list of all current medications and supplements
  11. A three-day rest and sleep diary indicating the time spent lying down during the day and the hours per day actually slept
  12. A three day food and drink diary indicating times and amounts.

 On receipt of this information  Dr Lewis will review all the details and contact you to schedule a telephone consultation.

Medical history review fee
The fee for this history review is not rebateable via Medicare. Please contact us for details. 
If as a result of this review he feels he could adequately meet your expectations by way of a telephone consultation we will happily schedule a time to speak.

If  he feels that he is unable to assist you he will advise you of the reasons for this and give you suggestions as to what might be of benefit.

Telephone Consultation fees
The initial telephone counsultation is upto 30 minutes in duration The fee for this including an email summary of recommendations will be advised on request. There is no medicare rebate for this service

How to proceed
To initiate this process you need to call Leonie on  9534 9495.  The forms to complete can be found here.

Please allow seven days for a response following the receipt of your information.
I hope this process will meet your needs and we look forward to assisting you.

Email communication for all patients
Communication via email is possible but only by prior arrangement.
A communication fee is charged and the rate depends on the complexity of the correspondence. Please ask for details at the time of your request.

Please contact us if you require further information. 03 9534 9495.

Fibromyalgia Update


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