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Your medical record is a confidential document.

It is the policy of this practice and a legal requirement to maintain the privacy and security of personal health information at all times.

Personal health information will not be disclosed to third parties unless you have given consent or you are at risk without treatment and are unable to give consent.

Personal health information and your medical record may also be collected, used or disclosed under the following circumstances:

  1. to communicate with other treating doctors or health professionals,
  2. for follow-up/reminder or recall notices,
  3. accounting, health insurance or Medicare procedures,
  4. quality assurance activities,
  5. disease notification if required by law,
  6. used by all doctors in this practice when consulting with you,
  7. legal related disclosure (e.g. court order, subpoena
  8. research purposes (data used for research purposes will be de-identified and prior consent from all parties will always be requested)

To read our practice privacy document click here.

Fibromyalgia Update


It is impossible to ignore the fact that the clinical management of FM symptoms is extremely complex.

Integrated Health Care

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Pathways to Wellbeing

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