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What To Bring To A Consultation

After you have contacted the office to schedule an appointment, you will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time. 

You will also be emailed some health information questionnaires which you will be asked to complete and bring to the consultation.

Please also bring:

  1. A list of the names and dosages of all the medications and supplements you use.

  2. It is helpful for you to record a personal written history of your current condition ( in a simple point form style) including a list of all symptoms. A summary of your past medical history is also very useful

  3. If possible copies of any relevant x-ray reports, pathology tests etc

  4. A note book which will be used to organise your health issues.  The My Health Organiser has been designed for this purpose which you can purchase at the clinic on the day of your appointment.

Fibromyalgia Update


It is impossible to ignore the fact that the clinical management of FM symptoms is extremely complex.

Integrated Health Care

ImageLiving Well

To gain access to living well requires an understanding that lifestyle, health and wellbeing are connected.

Pathways to Wellbeing

ImageMind-Body Awareness

The state or condition of experiencing wellness, having quality of life (with or without illness or injury)..